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A State of Efficient Automation
FM Works in a US State Government.

Knowledge is Power
Idaho State University

FM Works Goes International
FM Works is receiving a warm welcome in the United Kingdom, with several new customers. DSG the land system repair agency of the British Armed Forces, is using FM Works to manage the agency’s vast array of assets and property.

Hamilton County
FM Works Mobile provides "Money and Time Saved."

Austin Independent School District
Makes an "educated choice" with FM Works.

Puts FM Works "under the microscope.

Welcome to a new level of CMMS & IWMS integration

FM Works for Web Central®

Another powerful extension to your existing ARCHIBUS Web Central installation. FM Works is now available on the web! FM Works for ARCHIBUS Web Central combines the robust FM Works interface with the power of ARCHIBUS Web Central to optimize your work order system.

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FM Works Apps®

A simple, yet powerful, extension to your existing ARCHIBUS Web Central installation. Workflow rules send request tickets to the Cloud where they are received by the technicians. Work is completed, sent back through the cloud, and the system is updated for real-time reporting and notifications.

» FM Works Apps
» FM Works Apps Sales Sheet
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FM Works™ - Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Uses an optimal combination of web and windows technologies to provide a cost-effective, integrated solution that makes managing work orders and all aspects of maintenance and building operations more efficient and effective.

» FM Works CMMS White Paper

» Click to review the core CMMS modules.

  • New Equipment Module for managing equipment within FM Works.

  • New notification-rules have been provided via the new Notification feature in FM Works. FM Works Server can now process rules on a set time basis to alert users in the new Reminders Window.

  • Within the results grid, users can now select fields from the following tables: Work Requests/Orders, Equipment, Department, Room, PM Schedule.

  • Generate PMs on the schedules shown in the results from a filtered WorkView. This allows almost limitless combinations of filtering of schedules for selective PM generation.

  • Now has a Preview button that allows the user to preview a list of new PM Schedules before they are actually created.

  • WorkView Colors can now be individualized per user. Colors can be set for status codes, priority codes, and also by problem type.

  • Duplicate web work requests can now be detected before they are submitted. A new "Similar Work Requests" screen is shown.

  • Increased capability to enter new equipment in PM Explorer.

  • and many more ....
Step Up to FM Works

» Save Money - Spend less for FM Works while reducing your overall cost of operations with improved efficiency and productivity.

» Save Time - Employ modern, low-cost communications technologies, like web-based work requests and automated e-mail, to save your staff time.

» Increase Satisfaction - Keep your customers satisfied with pro-active e-mail notification of work status.

» Improve Information - Get the an-swers you need about your opera-tions with powerful, user-friendly search, retrieval and reporting capabilities.

» Reduce Complexity - Enjoy a single point of access to your maintenance management functions. No more multiple screens and navigation hassles.


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